The Wolf's Left Holding the Final Straw

When Chief Moonbeam loped up to Joey's house of straw very little of it was left standing. Straw was scattered across the field in golden disarray over the bent grass. It looked, in fact, as if it had been blown over by a force much greater than a wolf's sneeze or even a strong wind. The wolf poked around through the wreckage.

Here Joey's Nirvana posters lay, some torn and some still in reasonable condition. There his second hand computer had fallen over, but upon checking, Chief Moonbeam found it was still in working order. The screen might need replacing due to a crack in one corner. And in Joey's bedroom, the TV, VCR and electric guitar were still intact, albeit the guitar's strings were missing. The wolf also noted that two of Joey's prized kitchen utensils: the stainless steel can opener and the silvery, new, electric-heated, ice cream scoop that Bowie had given him for his birthday, were gone. Joey was sure going to be disappointed that he could no longer make beer floats(US)/spiders(Aus) when he got home.

"Hmm, this is very curious," thought Chief Moonbeam. He called up a couple of his sisters to come help pack up Joey's belongings and store them someplace for safe keeping.


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