The Wolf Wonders If He is Thick as Two Bricks

When Chief Moonbeam first came upon Zoe's house of mud bricks he didn't notice anything strange. However, upon closer inspection he could see that the post with the mailbox on it had been knocked down and the steel mailbox taken. The shiny brass name plate on the side of the house which was now missing had obviously been crowbarred off and the flowers in the front garden had been blown to smithereens. However, that was the extent of the wreckage. The inside of the house hadn't been disturbed.

The wolf started recovering some of the plants along the footpath, thinking he should be able to put the garden back into order before Zoe returned. To his delight he dug up a bone, a purple dinosaur bone, which he ate as a snack while he worked. But the gardening gave him time to puzzle over the damage.

Chief Moonbeam wondered if this was the work of youthful vandals or something more sinister.


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