Ozy and Millie by David Craig Simpson

Latin translation

Latin translations of early Ozy & Millie strips by Meredith Dixon:

Advertisers presume to know us

Comic strip

This one is rather far from the original (best I could do).

"This movie, 'Rufus, the Silly Reindeer,' will return after these messages."

"Hey, you! You, yourself! Come to the House of Used Cars! We have what you want, at a price you can pay!"

"I ought to be able to bring a lawsuit. My allowance is small, and I want either peace throughout the world or [mutually exclusive or!] lots of big desserts."


Comic strip

Another bath strip

Comic strip

Timulty vs. the bicycle

Comic strip

And you thought lampshade wearing was only for drunk people

Comic strip

If intelligence were interesting to watch, Bobby Fischer would be a regular on ESPN

Comic strip

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