Xanni visits the 1999 San Diego Comic Con

All photos taken by Xanni with a Kodak disposable camera (except "Xanni and M'Oak" taken by David Sakamoto), scanned, rotated, gamma corrected and cropped with The GIMP.

Copyright (c) 1999 Andrew Pam.

The Comic Con

Spotlight on June Foray with Earl Kress (Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs) on her right and Mark Evanier (Groo, Garfield and Friends) hiding behind.

Storming the Castle: Fantasy Graphic Novels with Colleen Doran (A Distant Soil), Zander Cannon (Replacement God), Linda Medley (Castle Waiting), Charles Vess (Ballads and Sagas) and Jeff Smith (Bone).

On the dealer floor: LX Ltd. and Thoughts & Images booth, Steve Gallaci (Albedo) seated on the right.

The Wayward Tour: Mark Oakley (Thieves & Kings), Tara Tallan (Galaxion), Greg Beettam and Stephen Geigen-Miller (Xeno's Arrow) not present.

Xanni and M'Oak
(Photo Copyright (c) 1999 David Sakamoto)

The Furry Party

Ch'marr (www.furry.org.au)

Minimal costume

"Stanley D. Lion" brought his own lunch

Wolf ("Bitch") in human clothing!

SeaWorld California

Dolphin riding!

How high can a dolphin jump?

The dolphin petting pool

Being examined by an orca

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