09 October 2001

Freedom symbol

Katherine Phelps

Now is the time to cherish the world as it is.

Soak up the beauty of the sunshine nourishing all growing things.

Delight in the music of raindrops slaking the thirst of all things living.

Embrace with wonder the leaves, the bugs, the birds, the animals.

Look at the face of another human being, and see the child that did its very best in becoming the adult before you. Feel proud of that person, as if they were your own child.

Rejoice in the whole colourful spectrum of your own emotions. Recognise their value, even the so called negative ones.

Fascinate at the breadth and depth of your thoughts. Allow your imagination to play freely, reaching out to an eternity of possibility.

Express yourself fully in all manner of media. Shout from the mountain tops the truth as you see it, and reflect back to the earth one important facet of itself, a facet as worthy of consideration as any other. Revel in the freedom you give yourself.

Treasure moments of peace, love, kindness. Take the time to relish how they feel.

In knowing the value of these things we understand why they need to be protected. Returning to them helps to give us the courage and morale to be diligent. Cherish the world as it is, so that it can become more of itself.