Dream into Reality
15 October 2001

Freedom symbol

Katherine Phelps

Do you want a world of peace, a world of acceptance, compassion, and with the freedom to fully realise yourself?

I want these things with all of my heart.

I know of one way to achieve these things: live as if I already have them.

When I live as if they are already a part of ordinary reality, I help to create them within my own life, and hopefully create a desirable example of what life can be like for others as well.

Make no mistake, this requires commitment.

Rev. James Lawson organised the youth of Nashville in 1959 to sit in cafe seats reserved for whites. This moment in civil rights history was to demonstrate a world where people of caucasian and african descent can sit next to one another freely as part of the same human family. This action sometimes resulted in negative reactions by some people, but the students were prepared to patiently face these until their goal of peaceful equality was achieved.

I feel that if we believe peace is possible with muslims, we will act toward them in compassionate ways that are more likely to encourage peace; rather than reacting in fear thereby creating alienation and division. I feel that if we live freely, we are more likely to create a true unity within diversity, and achieve our fullest potential.

I choose to make these dreams a reality. I commit to living my dreams now. Do you choose to make such a commitment as well?