Beauty and Freedom for All
23 September 2001

Japanese Peace Crane

Katherine Phelps

Under the current crisis many people in their fear are looking for any and all ways possible to create a more secure life for themselves. This has included giving up such things as the right to privacy, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to freedom of speech. Removing these things does create a more controlled environment, one in which perhaps terrorists might have a difficult time in perpetrating their crimes, but that is not the same as a wholly secure one.

At any time any of us could face violence, disaster, accident. Though it is sometimes nice to know we have a support system of people looking out for us, security is an inner quality we choose to feel and act upon, providing a basis for noble acts. Freedom gives us the space to learn inner security, to explore thoughts, feelings, spiritual truths, and thereby grow.

A wonderful graffitti that's been around for a while near where I live states:

"The future is still bleak, uncertain...and beautiful."

Please take the time to think about this. Fear will not create the future we desire. Remaining focussed on what is loving, peaceful, free, and beautiful will.