A PNG of the Future
02 October 2001

Freedom symbol

Katherine Phelps


The easiest way I know to create a wonderful future is to first imagine, in as much glorious detail as possible, what it would be like; the next step is to then believe that I can have such a future; then I need to recognise where I already have that future; and finally to take action, expanding on what I have, to help my highest and best future to unfold.

My Master's thesis was in the issues of writing a young adult novel for girls. I demonstrated that the best way to help early teen girls to envision more for themselves was to create stories where being an empowered female was normal, rather than something that is only available to the heroic females of the world.

I believe current events are such that we all need to envision a world where world peace and harmony are normal, rather than accepting that violence is just how things are.

Below is not so much a story, just a beginning list of things that I believe the future holds, if we allow it.

Networked communications help us all to think in broader and broader ways, such that differences are spoken about with nothing more than the odd hot debate once in awhile. Being able to easily connect with people world wide, we all care more about one another, no matter where our friends may be located. War is not an option.

Getting used to having a say and taking active participation from online, we all expect to be heard in the larger society. We may no longer protest in the same way, but neither can a few people run off with the power over nations, because we are all taking responsibility for ourselves.

Because awareness is so high, whenever people begin to see where something is working in a genuinely helpful way, the whole world moves in that direction. Improvements to the quality of living for everyone happen at a rapid pace. Between greater awareness and a greater support community, people feel freer to help one another. Better communication from those being helped as well as those helping, means the solutions are more appropriate and long ranging.

We see the world as our collective home, wherever we may be. No one is alien any more and we rejoice in our diversity. Our capacity for love and compassion is growing.