So Long
05 November 2001

symbol of freedom

Katherine Phelps

So long as we are easily terrorised, we make it easy for bullies, gangs, terrorists, and dictators to rule our lives. We often create the villains of the world by our willingness to be bullied.

So long as we point out all of the things of which we are most fearful that a bad person might do to us; we might as well give such people a handbook of ideas of how best to to do us harm.

So long as we are so fearful of disease from our enemies that we therefore indiscriminately take anti-biotics, we may very well create the disease with which we felt threatened.

So long as we give government more power at the expense of our personal freedom, then the government will freely do what we have been afraid terrorists will do: e.g. kill our children (only in war), presume we are guilty without just trial (this is what governmental pan-surveillance is about), enforce a single set of ideas as required belief (for instance by threatening with and putting people in jail for peacefully questioning the government in both public and private media).

However, so long as we live according to peace, living life as if we already have security, then we are much more likely to do those things to create it. This can be done by living one day at a time, trusting that we have the capacity to meet any challenges life hands us, if and when they arise. Focus on what you want, and you will bring together the ideas and resources to make it real.