Mama Sets Her Piggy Babies on Their Way

It was a golden morning, a morning much like the first of all mornings. Rays of sunlight sliced through the dark edges of night creating a morning as sparkling as diamonds. Mama Pig was up with the dawn. She enjoyed the morning cool as it crept through her hooves and the warmth of the sun as it shone on her pink skin. This was a special morning. A sad and happy morning. It was the morning she was going to send her three children on their way into the world.

"Joey, Bowie, Zoe!" She called out.

Her three darlings came trotting out from their beds instantly. They all loved their mother and enjoyed their life with her.

"My dear children," she said, "It has become obvious to me that you have all grown into fine capable piggies and that it is time for you to make your own way into the world. I have done the best I know how to prepare you for this moment. Now I shall have to entrust you to your own care. However, to help you on your journeys I have saved some money that I present to each of you to do with as you will." And with that she gave to each of her children three pennies. Being a fairytale, we presume that this is a lot of money in the world of magical talking pigs.

This was certainly more than the piggies were expecting on such a day. At first they just sat in their places and blinked. The shiny copper pennies in their hands twinkled like the new born sun, but at the cost of having to leave home. A few tears were shed by all. Mama told them that once they were settled, they could always come home for a visit and a Sunday roast. And so she left them.


Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps