Glass Wings Mailing List Netiquette Guide

  1. Have fun. (It's the only polite thing to do here)

  2. Make friends. (How do you make friends? Listen to other people. Validate their thoughts and feelings. Be willing to tolerate and accept them as they are. Have fun.)

  3. Learn tolerance. Discuss ideas, rather than judging people.

  4. Maintain a sense of humour. There's nothing like a good slice of humour for breaking up a flame war.

  5. Use lots of smileys and poses. It is difficult to read tone of voice. This helps the humour impaired.

  6. If something someone has said upsets you, ask for clarification first without the use of emotional language. They may have been joking or they may even reconsider their comments.

  7. If someone on the Glass Wings mailing list has written something which distresses you, you can always privately ask Muse or Xanni (Katherine or Andrew) to pummel some sense into them :) Do not use up mailing list bandwidth doing so yourself.

  8. If you must flame (for instance after a chilli feed and you want some relief), do so privately and not on the mailing list.

  9. Do not use up mailing list bandwidth explaining Netiquette to those poor lost newbies. It's not what this list is about. If you must, do so privately.

  10. When responding to a message, quote only the relevant bits. No one is going to want to read your message if they have to dredge through miles of previous messages. Besides, it wastes bandwidth.

  11. No members of Warlords-R-Us are allowed. Translation: please keep signatures to around four lines long.

  12. Put subject tags such as (games) before your message titles or, if someone has forgotten to do so in their message, add it to your reply.

    The tags are: Animation (anim), Announcements (announce), Creativity and the Arts (art), The Environment (enviro), Games (games), Humour (humor), Other (other), Puppetry (puppet), Science Fiction & Fantasy (sf & f), Sex and Relationships (sex & rel), Spirituality (spirit), Social Issues (social), Travel (travel).

  13. Members of this list are allowed to wander off topic provided what they have to say is interesting or humorous.

  14. Send unsubscribe messages directly to <> and not to the mailing list.

  15. If you are using Pegasus Mail software, please turn off message confirmation to avoid sending confirmations back to the entire list.

  16. Do not type in all caps unless you are indicating shouting. Such as: HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

  17. You can bend all of these rules provided you do so in a way that is sufficiently amusing to the other members of the mailing list.

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