Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014
The Butterfly Club
Glass Wings Productions

Can The Doctor and Hermione Granger
defeat Tard the Grumpy Cat?
Come along and find out!

Where: The Butterfly Club—5 Carson Place, Melbourne
When: 29 March—20 April; Sat 5pm / Sun 4pm
Tickets: 03 9663 8107
Online: The Butterfly Club ticketing site
Length: around an hour.
Suitable: Ages 13+


"Playwright and comedian Katherine Phelps has to be commended on creating a time travel, magic and cat-infused musical comedy that will leave all geeks regarding it as the Shakespeare of their generation."

FIVE STARS, Avrille Bylok-Collard, Beat magazine.

"There is a lot to love in this daggy production: it's funny, performed with confidence and gusto by an engaging cast."

Lisa Clark, Squirrel Comedy


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