Time Titties Production Photos

The Magical Box

Katherine, Lori, and Sarah around the magical box

That box was so much fun. I had the rare opportunity of playing with dry ice. I will talk to producers about my flights of fancy and sometimes they'll ask, "Don't you think the special effects will end up costing a bit?" They frequently seem to think in terms of CGI rather than a box with evaporating carbon dioxide. <lecture>I remember the failure that was Hollywood's version of Godzilla. They forgot that it was all about a guy in a suit. CGI is not the be all end all of creating films</lecture>.

Getting Made Up

Getting made up

At one point after leaving school I stopped wearing makeup. I've had so much trouble with allergic reactions, it seemed best to leave it alone. With my previous production my lack of experience with glamour-goop ended up posing problems, even in just knowing how much time to allocate to the makeup artists. I'm now making friends with the stuff, though in moderation.

Our makeup artist Olivia was a real trooper putting stuff on, freshening stuff up, and following us around to different locations.