Time Titties Production Photos

Our Leads Around the Couch

Time Titties Leads

What a glorious group of females, if I do say so myself. We didn't originally plan on doing the London flat scenes in my house, because it looks a little too nice. However, all the extra space was useful for the production side of things.

I usually like playing "Silent Bob" like characters in my own plays/screenplays. I don't want to miss out on the fun, but my hands are usually so full that it's difficult focusing on the acting when the time comes. Since I want this to be an Australian/British/North American co-production, I made sure to have a character from each area. I don't know many North Americans here in Australia, so I went ahead and plunked myself in for the role of Alex.

For Angie I called upon my very talented friend Sarah Goussé. She was hyped from day one. The role of Rachel was difficult to fill. I needed someone British or who could do a credible British accent. As soon as I auditioned someone for this role and they discovered it was for a mildly saucy comedy, they would hare off. Young women take themselves so seriously. Fortunately, Lori came along. It was like the role was waiting for her.

The "True Director" and Crew

The true director

My cats's extra tall scratching post has been used as a camera tripod on more than one occasion. And every time we use it, Taka jumps on top and starts directing the shots.

At the centre of this photo are our director of photography Josh and our sound engineer Sanad. I first met Josh when he was interested in getting some experience on a feature film for which I was the writer/director/etc. He started out as the guy in the gorilla suit. He then asked if he could do more at which point I assigned him the role of continuity. He was great with all of it. I would work with him again in a flash.