Time Titties Production Photos

Future-Disco World

The denizens of Future-Disco World

To the far left we have Holly who I wish we could have given a bigger role. She was delightful. The fellow chatting her up is Damo. He's been a big supporter of my work. It's great having someone who is a fan of my style of humour.

To the far right of our thrilling threesome is Alex (not the character, but the actual person...yes, it was confusing during the shoot). We had hired a bobby hat for this role, but he's so tall that it went out of shot. Fortunately, Channel 31 had the police hat he's wearing just lying around. I'm grateful he was such a good sport about being dressed up like one of the village people.

Sweetnsaur Extras

Time Titties Extras for Sweet-n-saur episode

These are some of the extras and parents of the extras sitting in the cool shade. So, yes I was running around in a warm flannel shirt on a hot day. A number of the extras were from the Mount Barker Scout Troop.