Time Titties Production Photos


Caught in the Renaissance

By the time we filmed the Renaissance scene we were all cold and tired. I couldn't figure out how to put on the head band, so went without. As per usual the costume rental was one of the more expensive aspects of the production. At least I wasn't renting out every single bunny costume in the entirety of Adelaide as on a previous film.

The carrot, orange, and banana the leads are carrying are meant to be technological devices of some sort. I'm not certain if they are weapons, chronon detectors, fashion accessories, or what. Given the way we point them at Dr Ho and the Time Todgers, they must be defensive in some way.

True Love

True love

I sent this photo to Sarah as soon as I pulled it off my digital camera. Sarah and Aurelian are married and the tenderness between them in this photo is a real delight to see. Too bad he's a Time Todger and about to send us all to oblivion.