Time Titties Production Photos

Damien as a Time Todger

Damien taking a good look at our thrilling threesome

For my previous film production I had written a part that was an amiable German tourist. I was having a time of it tracking down someone who could perform the German dialogue, then Damien turned up. He was a real delight to work with. He's actually a stage director himself and ended up joining my spec-fic writer's group as well.

Blue Screen Work

The guys working on the other side of the blue screen

When Josh and I first went to the studios of Channel 31 we were simply expecting to find an affordable little sound stage. The manager of the station offered to let us paint some of their flats for our shoot. We then spotted the fact that they already had blue screens. "Squee!" I said, or words to that effect, "Let's use those."