Immediate action is needed to reduce Hospital Acquired COVID-19 Infections and deaths

Mon, 4 Sep 2023 03:33:41 +1000

Andrew Pam <xanni [at]>

Andrew Pam

"Patients have a right to safe healthcare, and to be protected, using all
reasonably practicable measures, from acquiring any type of infection,
including COVID-19, in healthcare facilities.

Prevention of hospital acquired infection is a core responsibility of Infection
Prevention and Control Committees (IPACs), and requires cooperation of hospital
management, employees, visitors and patients.

Healthcare facilities have moral and legal responsibilities to ensure that
their patients are provided with safe clinical care, which includes safe
systems of work for their staff and the community.

However, despite Australia experiencing ongoing waves of COVID-19 transmission,
amid decreased community testing, surveillance and reporting, baseline cases
and hospitalisations remain chronically elevated with a variety of variants
circulating in the community. COVID-19 affected many more people in Australia
during 2022-23 than in 2020-21.

Federal and state agencies have consistently advocated focused protection of
people with chronic illnesses and medically vulnerable people, but the majority
of patients in hospital meet this definition. Such protection is currently not
being provided at all."

Via Violet Blue’s Pandemic Roundup: August 3, 2023

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