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111 Trees Per Daughter Changed This Village’s Future
4 Pandemic Responses That Changed Life for the Better
4 Ways Mountains Are Affected By Anthropogenic Climate Change
46 Books that Changed the World
500 Days: How the War in Ukraine Changed the Lives of Millions
6 books to help talk to your child about climate change
A ‘Human-Led Approach’ to Loans Is Changing Lives in Rural India
A new climate change report offers something unique: hope
A new study on Australian volcanoes has changed what we know about explosive ‘hotspot’ volcanism
A post-servo highway? How electric vehicles are changing the Australian roadscape
A rare reason for optimism about climate change
Agents of change
Amazing Invention- This Drone Will Change Everything
American bison reintroduced to northern Mexico helping to fight climate change
‘An arts engagement that’s changed their life’: the magic of arts and health
Animals bred in captivity develop physical changes that may hinder survival in the wild, research finds
Announcing FutureCast: A New Game Framework For Exploring Pathways Of Change
Antarctic tipping points: the irreversible changes to come if we fail to keep warming below 2℃
As climate change warms rivers, they are running out of breath – and so could the plants and animals they harbor
As the states consider animal welfare law reform, what changes would curb cruelty against animals?
As Western Sydney residents grapple with climate change, they want political action
The Auckland floods are a sign of things to come – the city needs stormwater systems fit for climate change
Australian discovery of change in ‘killer T cells’ could help fight against influenza
Australian women’s access to abortion is a postcode lottery. Here’s what needs to change
Australia’s high-polluting utes spark calls to change fuel-efficiency laws
Battery-Electric Fishing Vessel Marks A Sea Change For Small Commercial Fishers
BMW’s new factory doesn’t exist in real life, but it will still change the car industry
The Board of Lockheed Martin Has Spoken: Climate Change May Proceed
The book that changed me: Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem and the problem of terrifying moral complacency
Britain’s next election could be a climate change culture war
Bushfires focus public attention on climate change for months, but it’s different for storms and floods
Business owners see cutting carbon emissions as ‘the right thing to do’, despite the challenges of making change
Cambridge 3D prints game-changing smart concrete structure
Can clouds of Moon dust combat climate change?
Can ‘voluntourism’ outgrow the white saviour stereotype and make a positive change post-pandemic?
Can washing machines change the future? Bogotá’s new ‘care blocks’ show how.
Can you change a Brexit state of mind?
Changes to temporary protection visas are a welcome development – and they won’t encourage people smugglers
Changing attitudes and empowering young girls in Senegal
Changing Australia’s approach to managing COVID-19 pandemic may help reduce burden on health system
Chasing future biotech solutions to climate change risks delaying action in the present – it may even make things worse
ChatGPT is going to change education, not destroy it
China wants more people to eat potatoes – how changing national diets could help fix our global food crisis
Climate change believers are more likely to cooperate with strangers, new research finds
Climate change can drive social tipping points – for better or for worse
Climate change: China sets stage for more of its transport to run on solar energy
Climate change: China's green power surge offers hope on warming
Climate change: Couple set for Pole-to-Pole electric car challenge
Climate Change from A to Z
Climate Change is a Bigger Existential Threat Than AI
Climate change is about to play a big role in government purchases – with vast implications for the US economy
Climate change is already putting the heat on insurance companies – Auckland’s floods could be a turning point
Climate Change Is Causing The Upper Atmosphere To Cool, And The Side Effects Are Terrifying
Climate change is disrupting ocean currents. We’re using satellites and ships to understand how
Climate Change Is Forcing Cities to Rethink Their Tree Mix
Climate change is fuelling the rise of superbugs. What can we do to save ourselves?
Climate change is leaving African elephants desperate for water
Climate change is threatening Madagascar’s famous forests – our study shows how serious it is
Climate change is transforming Australia’s cultural life – so why isn’t it mentioned in the new national cultural policy?
Climate change threatens Germany's fairy tale forests
Climate change threatens the rights of children. The UN just outlined the obligations states have to protect them
Climate change threatens to cause ‘synchronised harvest failures’ across the globe, with implications for Australia’s food security
Climate change will affect solar power and grid stability across Australia – here’s how
Color-changing material could warm or cool buildings
Confectioner's sweet solution to plastic waste could spark change
Conflict between humans and wildlife in Tanzania is being poorly managed – and climate change is making things worse
Could the law of the sea be used to protect small island states from climate change?
Despairing about climate change? These 4 charts on the unstoppable growth of solar may change your mind
Diseases gave us the rise of Christianity, the end of the Aztecs and public sanitation. How might future plagues change human history?
Dumbing down or wising up: how will generative AI change the way we think?
Earthquakes can change the course of rivers – with devastating results. We may now be able to predict these threats
Economic growth is fuelling climate change – a new book proposes ‘degrowth communism’ as the solution
Elephant teeth: how they evolved to cope with climate change-driven dietary shifts
Environmental disasters and climate change force people to cross borders, but they’re not recognised as refugees – they should be
European heatwave: what’s causing it and is climate change to blame?
Every Australian will be touched by climate change. So let’s start a national conversation about how we’ll cope
Exxon scientists accurately forecast climate change back in the 1970s – what if we had listened to them and acted then?
Faster disaster: climate change fuels ‘flash droughts’, intense downpours and storms
The Federal Reserve Is Catastrophically Wrong About Climate Change
Flood protection based on historical records is flawed – we need a risk model fit for climate change
Floods, cyclones, thunderstorms: is climate change to blame for New Zealand’s summer of extreme weather?
Flying drones and chasing data, Indigenous women in Guyana join fight against climate change
For Indigenous Peoples With Deep Ties to the Land, Climate Change Is Personal
Fossil fuel companies won’t save us from climate change. We need governments to step up
Fridays for Future: Greta’s school strikes led a third of Swiss citizens to change their habits
Game-Changing COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine Passes Initial Tests
Getting the Soil Right: How Carbon Farming Combats Climate Change
Global shipping is under pressure to stop its heavy fuel oil use fast – that’s not simple, but changes are coming
Global warming is changing Canada’s boreal forest and tundra
Goodbye Mr Fabulous, the giant cuttlefish who let us into his world and changed ours for the better
Governments and environmental groups are turning to international courts to address the impacts of climate change — podcast
Green Factories Are Changing Minds in More Conservative US States
Harry Belafonte leveraged stardom for social change, his powerful voice always singing a song for justice
Have some economists severely underestimated the financial hit from climate change? Recent evidence suggests yes
Households find low-waste living challenging. Here’s what needs to change
How 130,000 Flamingos Changed Mumbai
How and where we build needs to change in the face of more extreme weather – the insurance industry can help
How Changing Diets Leave Us Exposed to War, Extreme Weather and Market Turbulence
How climate change is causing a communication breakdown in the animal world
How Climate Change is Fueling Stronger Hurricanes
How climate change will affect your pet – and how to help them cope
How COVID lockdowns triggered changes in peregrine falcon diets – and what this means for urban pest control
How culling Australia’s feral water buffalo could help tackle climate change
How immigration changed Australia – an interactive journey through history
How Jurassic Park changed film-making and our view of dinosaurs
How one student forced the government to admit the economic risks of climate change
How our founders’ links to slavery change the Guardian today
How should we teach climate change in schools? It starts with ‘turbo charging’ teacher education
How the Windrush generation changed stories of Britain forever – ten recommended reads
How tiger conservation in India may be helping to mitigate climate change
How to change our collective mindset to tackle ecological crisis?
How Zipline’s instant delivery is changing public health in Ghana
Huge protest in Israel over rightwing government’s judicial changes
Humza Yousaf: Scotland gets a Muslim leader in a moment of extraordinary change for British politics
Hybrid future? Interbreeding can make heat-averse species more resilient to climate change
‘I tend to be very gentle’: how teachers are navigating climate change in the classroom
‘If you win the popular imagination, you change the game’: why we need new stories on climate
‘I’m all for climate change’: Axel Springer CEO faces heat over leaked messages
In Washington, Students Learn About Climate Change Like Nowhere Else
Incremental environmental change can be as hazardous as a sudden shock – managing these ‘slow-burning’ risks is vital
Installing solar-powered refrigerators in developing countries is an effective way to reduce hunger and slow climate change
IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023
The IPCC’s calls for emissions cuts have gone unheeded for too long – should it change the way it reports on climate change?
Is climate change outpacing our ability to predict extreme heatwaves?
‘It can be done. It must be done’: IPCC delivers definitive report on climate change, and where to now
It's not all bad news: Wonderful and wild stories about tackling climate change
It’s time to add climate change and net-zero emissions to the RBA’s top 3 economic goals
Japan ponders custody changes as Australia sends Hogwarts-style letters to abducted kids
JetZero’s Next-Gen Aircraft Could Change How We Fly for the First Time in Decades
Jimmy Lai has been China's target for decades. Now a small change to Hong Kong's legal tradition could see him jailed for life
Jordan’s Bedouins take on the struggles of climate change
‘Let’s get real’: scientists discover a new way climate change threatens cold-blooded animals
‘Life changing’ – what 50 years of community-controlled housing at Yumba-Meta tells us about home and health
The Life-Changing, Solar-Charged Power of ‘Regenerative Travel’
Mahsa Amini: a year into the protest movement in Iran, this is what’s changed
Maine’s puffin colonies recovering in the face of climate change
Media coverage of climate change research does not inspire action, say scientists
Millions Are at Risk of Flooding Due to Climate Change – But Not Where You'd Think
Molly Meldrum at 80: how the ‘artfully incoherent’ presenter changed Australian music – and Australian music journalism
The Montreal Protocol Turned Out to Have an Amazing World-Changing Side Effect
More corrupt, fractured and ostracised: how Vladimir Putin has changed Russia in over two decades on top
Most people already think climate change is ‘here and now’, despite what we’ve been told
New report shows alarming changes in the entire global water cycle
New study helps solve a 30-year-old puzzle: how is climate change affecting El Niño and La Niña?
The One Thing That Changes Everything in the Climate Fight
Our cemeteries face a housing crisis too. 4 changes can make burial sustainable
Our Oceans Are Changing Color, And It Could Affect How Life Within It Thrives
Our tropical fruits are vulnerable to climate change. Can we make them resilient in time?
Paris Plans to Plant Trees That Can Survive Climate Change
Peter Singer’s fresh take on Animal Liberation – a book that changed the world, but not enough
Photos: Graves sink, fisheries shrink as climate change hits Fiji
Plastic action or distraction? As climate change bears down, calls to reduce plastic pollution are not wasted
Poland has changed beyond recognition – and so has its place in Europe’s pecking order
Poland votes for change after nearly a decade spent sliding towards autocracy – but tricky coalition talks lie ahead for Donald Tusk
Polar bears may struggle to produce milk for their cubs as climate change melts sea ice
Political instability and damage to infrastructure: how climate change could undermine Australia’s national security
Prices that change by the second: why shopping around for deals online isn’t always worth it
Pride 2023: What's changed since last year?
The public history, climate change present, and possible future of Australia’s botanic gardens
Qld breaks down gender barriers as birth certificate changes made easier
Record low Antarctic sea ice is another alarming sign the ocean’s role as climate regulator is changing
Reddit Tells Mods That Protesting By Changing Sub To NSFW Violates The Rules
Reindeer eyes change color, putting Rudolph’s red nose in the shade – new research podcast
Remember the climate map from your school atlas? Here’s what climate change is doing to it
Repeat product recalls don’t always prompt change
The Rideau Canal Skateway: How can we promote resilience in the face of a changing climate?
Savanna & grassland carbon storage slows climate change
Saving the forests won’t be enough to stop climate change — we need substantial emission cuts
Sexual exhibitionism, Riot Grrrl and climate change activism: 30 years of raging by Peaches, Bikini Kill and Björk, still going strong
Six Portuguese youth take 32 nations to European court over climate change
Slow solutions to fast-moving ecological crises won’t work – changing basic human behaviours must come first
South Africa’s great white sharks are changing locations – they need to be monitored for beach safety and conservation
Species don’t live in isolation: what changing threats to 4 marsupials tell us about the future
Study: Climate change causing more ‘heat stress’ in Europe
Sudan’s people toppled a dictator – despite the war they’re still working to bring about democratic change
Sustainability is often an afterthought in space exploration – that needs to change as the industry grows
Technology is changing the lives of female lawyers, in ways that are bad as well as good
Theater never recovered from COVID — and now change is no longer a choice
'They Will Never Change on Their Own': Top Oil Giants Have No Serious Plans to Curb Emissions
This Northern Manhattan Wetland Has Faced Climate-Change Induced Erosion and Sea Level Rise. A Living Shoreline Has Reimagined the Space
Threat from climate change to some of India’s sacred pilgrimage sites is reshaping religious beliefs
Tight-Knit Communities Are a Secret Weapon Against Climate Change
Tim Flannery’s message to all: rise up and become a climate leader – be the change we need so desperately
Tiny homes have existed ‘under the radar’. But changing rules are making the lifestyle more permanent
Tired of feeling hopeless about climate change? Take a look at these charts.
To have better disagreements, change your words – here are 4 ways to make your counterpart feel heard and keep the conversation going
Too big, too heavy and too slow to change: road transport is way off track for net zero
Too hard basket: why climate change is defeating our political system
Tourists flock to the Mediterranean as if the climate crisis isn’t happening. This year’s heat and fire will force change
Ukraine a year on: the invasion changed NZ foreign policy – as the war drags on, cracks will begin to show
Ukraine war: why the G20 refused to condemn Russian aggression – and how that might change
The UK’s Warning: We Are Not Prepared for Climate Change
'Underground Climate Change' Threatens to Destabilize Buildings
Victims now know they were right about robodebt all along. Let the royal commission change the way we talk about welfare
Volunteers plant mini-forests in Paris to slow climate change, tackle heatwaves
‘We are gambling with the future of our planet for the sake of hamburgers’: Peter Singer on climate change
‘We are just getting started’: the plastic-eating bacteria that could change the world
We need more than a definition change to fix Australia’s culture of permanent ‘casual’ work
What does climate change mean for extreme waves? In 80% of the world, we don’t really know
What makes a good parent? Is acting on climate change as important as love and bedtime stories?
What planting tomatoes shows us about climate change
Where Change Is Coming for LGBTQ Rights Around the World
Why Landfills Make For a Colossal Climate Change Nightmare
Why Western Sydney is feeling the heat from climate change more than the rest of the city
Wild-caught seafood is often untraceable – and some industry players don’t want that to change. Here’s why
Wildfire smoke and dirty air are also climate change problems: Solutions for a world on fire
With democracy on the ballot, the mainstream press must change its ways
Woman jailed over abortion – an expert on what UK law actually says and what needs to change
The women who stood with Martin Luther King Jr. and sustained a movement for social change
Wooden Skyscrapers are Changing the Skyline and Our Environmental Future
The world is still falling short on limiting climate change, according to U.N. report
Writing from the edge of catastrophe: two new books clarify what’s at stake if we fail to mitigate climate change
Yes, climate change is bringing bushfires more often. But some ecosystems in Australia are suffering the most
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