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As much as I hate asking for money, I feel at this time I am running out of options. Any source of extra income right now helps me to pay my heavy medical bills from my hospital trip last summer (2004) and helps keep me alive by feeding me.

Paypal donations aren't available yet, I'm working on that though. The only way to get a donation to me is by IMing (AIM - Caigan MythFang) or Emailing me and asking to donate. I'll chat with ya for a bit and give you an address you can send the donation to, and I'll write your name down.

Donators WILL get a reward, and thus far this is what I've come up with:
  • $5 to $10 - A single strip coloration of your choice. (this will NOT be counted as a normal day)
  • $11 to $15 - A single strip colored+shaded of your choice (again, will not count as a normal day)
  • $16+ - Four strips colored OR two strips colored+shaded OR one strip colored+shaded and two strips just colored.
If I get enough donaters a month, I'll also have a random drawing at the end of the month and will send the winner...something. Unsure of yet exactly what I'll send, but it'll probably be comics, a game, or something. I'd offer a donation of an O&M book, but those sell out quite fast when they are available, so I don't even have a personal copy.

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