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11 August 2007 8:18      Sorry again folks...
Caigan But I'll have to miss today also, mini-convention and meeting for the main convention tomorrow(today I mean...Saturday), lost track of time today after having worked on convention stuff for most of the week and needing a break.

Depending on how much the mini-con knocks me out tomorrow(Saturday!), expect some strips from me either Saturday or Sunday. Until then!
9 August 2007 11:14      
~~Today's Strips - Cursed or some junk by CodeCat
CodeCat OMG, like, another strip!
8 August 2007 12:32      
~~Today's Strips - Unseen terror by CodeCat
CodeCat Personally I think Ozy looks very good as a mummy.
7 August 2007 11:34      
~~Today's Strips - Feel my wrath by CodeCat
CodeCat Until Caigan catches up, I'll just keep my regular schedule going. So sometime this week, expect two strips on a single day. :)
7 August 2007 5:05      No strip for me tonight...
Caigan Sorry folks, won't be a strip from me tonight, currently in crunch mode for the anime convention I'm part of the staff for. I'll try to get one up tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

Until then!
4 August 2007 5:58      Yay!
~~Today's Strips - Millie warms up by Caigan
Caigan Sorry this is slightly late tonight, I got Art Rage 2 and was playing with it (very fun and inexpensive program. 25 bucks! Very awesome art program, I highly suggest playing with the free version)
2 August 2007 12:08      
~~Today's Strips - Dead and amused by CodeCat
CodeCat And that's it for me this week. Now it's Caigan's go, see you on Tuesday!
1 August 2007 11:08      
~~Today's Strips - Oops, wait, no time! by CodeCat
CodeCat And here's the second one for this week.
31 July 2007 11:31      
~~Today's Strips - Creative procrastination by CodeCat
CodeCat Back again for this week, and we resume where we left off a while ago...
31 July 2007 6:19 it is!
~~Today's Strips - It's on by Caigan

Heres the little animated gif I mentioned in Friday's post.
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