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13 June 2007 17:02      
~~Today's Strips - Uncharted by CodeCat
CodeCat Here's another strip for you, and a strip every two days for now.
11 June 2007 11:26      Back again
~~Today's Strips - Like, at some future time... by CodeCat
CodeCat Bathroom is more or less done, hole is fixed. So we're back on our regular schedule. Also, we've redone the links at the top of each page; the 'thoughts' page never really was going to get used anyway so it got replaced by a link to our forums at Define Cynical. The 'About' page is still under construction.

To start off again, here's the next strip in the storyline. :)
1 June 2007 13:33      Sorry for the delay...
CodeCat Due to unforeseen circumstances I won't be posting any strips until sometime next week.

To keep a long story short: Our bathroom is being redone, and while taking the wall tiles out one of the builders 'accidentally' smashed a hole right through the wall, into my bedroom. Right next to where my computer is, I might add. So while that's being fixed, I can't get at my files...
28 May 2007 11:22      
~~Today's Strips - She thinks I'm cool by CodeCat
CodeCat Starting a new week with a new strip!
25 May 2007 14:49      
~~Today's Strips - Whatever your name is by CodeCat
CodeCat And here's the last one for this week. See you on monday for more!
24 May 2007 12:00      
~~Today's Strips - Felicia's museum blues by CodeCat
CodeCat I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa...
23 May 2007 12:02      
~~Today's Strips - Off the map by CodeCat
CodeCat I feel a lot like Millie does here when I'm going some place. Even though it's harder, it's far more fun to just discover things on your own.
22 May 2007 12:06      
~~Today's Strips - The noise stops by CodeCat
CodeCat Here's another one for you. And more to come.
21 May 2007 13:05      
~~Today's Strips - An inconvenient truth by CodeCat
CodeCat Back again, and here's a strip to get the week started.
18 May 2007 20:07      
~~Today's Strips - Consequences by CodeCat
~~Today's Strips - (Lakeside line art) by CodeCat
CodeCat Two pieces today, one regular strip and a filler that was drawn at the time. There's also a few fillers in between here, that are home-coloured by D.C. Simpson. So have a look in the archives for them. :)

I'll be taking a break for the weekend, see you on monday.
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