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17 May 2007 11:09      
~~Today's Strips - Deus ex mom by CodeCat
CodeCat And here's another strip for you. Enjoy!
16 May 2007 16:57      
~~Today's Strips - Poof. Just like that. by CodeCat
CodeCat Rarely has a stare been that cold. Brrr...
15 May 2007 12:32      
~~Today's Strips - Environmental by CodeCat
CodeCat If anyone has a curry this hot, please let me know! :P
14 May 2007 11:44      
~~Today's Strips - The mind on fire by CodeCat
CodeCat I'm colouring strips faster than I can post them at the moment, so for now there will be one strip every day until I start running out.

Here's another!
12 May 2007 11:20      
~~Today's Strips - A slip of the mind by CodeCat
CodeCat And here's another. Enjoy!
10 May 2007 13:46      
~~Today's Strips - Or does she? by CodeCat
CodeCat And another strip by me. If all goes well, more should follow every two days.
9 May 2007 0:02      Update!
~~Today's Strips - Millie forgets something by CodeCat
CodeCat Since Caigan is having a bit of trouble with the updates, I thought I'd jump in and help out. So here you go, a strip by me. More to follow soon!

I'd also like to announce that HouseRules is now accessible from another, more direct location. Thanks to Felix Softpaw, who got us this domain!
28 April 2007 9:28      Sorry folks
Caigan I know there is a lack of strips lately, and my apologies for that. Been a bit preoccupied as of late with the weirdly changing weather here (triggers my hay fever, which I've thankfully beaten down mostly [yet now that I've mentioned it, its probably going to try killing me soon...]) and some real life matters that needed tending to (and actually still do, sigh).

Anyways, hope to return soon with new strips!
24 April 2007 4:10      Welcome to the new site design!
Caigan Welcome everyone to the new version of the website.

What, not much has changed you say? Well, on the outside, no it hasn't. But peek a bit into the belly of the beast and you get a whole slew of differences.

* Archive is now updated and separated into story arcs.
* Original DC Simpson colorings will now be included in the archive.
* Much easier to post new strips and update news.
* Lots of other little things you won't notice for now.

Please thank CodeCat for the spiffy new site coding!

If you have ANY problems, please IM me (CaiganMythFang) on AIM.
23 April 2007 6:59      Updated strips!
~~Today's Strips - Democracy prune by CodeCat
Caigan I have uploaded all of the fixed strips now, 25 in the first batch, 2 in the second, and now 60 in the final batch. I don't THINK I missed any strips that needed Llewellyn's text turned red, so if you spot one, please let me know!
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