Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014
The Butterfly Club
Glass Wings Productions

The Story

Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor! is a mashup of Dr Who, Harry Potter and a whole lot more. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for references to Star Trek, Star Wars, My Little Pony, and loads of Internet memes.

The Doctor teams up with Hermione Granger to defeat Tard the Grumpy Cat and her minions. Tard plans to rule the world using the fearful power of the Nyan Cat. In the process everyone sings a few songs, does a few dance steps, and faces mortal danger.

The People

Katherine Phelps: Writer/Director
Katherine has had solo performances, and written and directed shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Her website In Search of LOLitanium is an internationally respected site about comedy for comedians. For seven years she lectured at both the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Victoria University on storytelling for computer game design for which she has a doctorate. She has also written for Nickelodeon Cartoons. Her scripts have won awards. Katherine's book Surf's Up: Internet Australian Style, published by Reed Books, was sung on Spicks and Specks.

Ruben David Francis: The Doctor
Ruben studied screen and stage acting at the Actors Conservatory, Brisbane. Following his time at the Conservatory, Ruben temporarily moved to Los Angeles, where he not only continued his training in film acting but was also fortunate enough to be cast and play minor roles in a number of independent film productions. Ruben continues to pursue his career in Melbourne. He was recently cast in the Nathan Hill film, Model Behaviour, the MJAY Production Three Ages of Sasha and has played significant roles in the Channel 31 series It's Not You—Its Bree and the award winning Flat Whites. He's also a regular feature on the local comedy circuit, having performed stand-up across Melbourne, including the iconic Comic's Lounge.

Melinda King: Tard The Grumpy Cat
Melinda is best known to Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival audiences for her character Ivanna the 6ft Fairy. She had her own Melbourne Fringe Show last year and has performed several times in 100% Nuts. She is a yoga instructor, cabaret performer, MC, musician, and a professional clown. She also makes a mean lasagne.

Sarah Cooper: Hermione Granger
Played the Princess Pintina in the 2013 Goblin Ball produced by Dark Realm Events. She's a model and improvisational and character actor. Sarah is also a long time member of Melbourne Muggles, the local Harry Potter fan group.

Andrew Cross: Zip Spectrum
Singer/songwriter and former lead vocals for a prog rock band. Was the bass player for a 70s rock tribute band. Standup comic performing at venues such as Situation Comedy at the Barley Corn Hotel, Sugar Lounge, and regularly at Station 59.

Jackson Hall: Harry Potter
Jackson performs as a professional clown. He's been frontman for the band Penguin Panic. He's been in school productions of Captain Stirrick, Footloose, and A Cabaret Lineup. Jackson played the role of Tock in the Melbourne Fringe production 6ft Fairy's Birthday Surprise. He's been a pirate, a cowboy and has been a Brony since before it was trendy

The Details

Where: The Butterfly Club—5 Carson Place, Melbourne
When: 29 March—20 April; Sat 5pm / Sun 4pm
Tickets: 03 9663 8107
Online: The Butterfly Club ticketing site
Length: around an hour.
Suitable: Ages 13+


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