Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014
The Butterfly Club
Glass Wings Productions

2014 Poster

Ruben Francis and Sarah Cooper.

2014 Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor!

2013 Poster

Ruben Francis, Andrew Cross, Melinda King, and Sarah Cooper.

2013 Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor!

Rehearsal Shots

Ruben Francis as the Doctor.

Ruben David Francis

Melinda King as Tard the Grumpy Cat.

Melinda King

Sarah Cooper as Hermione Granger.

Sarah Cooper

Andrew Cross as Brony and minion Zip Spectrum.

Andrew Cross

Jackson Hall as Harry Potter.

Jackson Hall

Andrew Cross looking particularly miniony.

Andrew Cross

Andrew Cross and Melinda King practising their lines.

Andrew Cross and Melinda King

The Details

Where: The Butterfly Club—5 Carson Place, Melbourne
When: 29 March—20 April; Sat 5pm / Sun 4pm
Tickets: 03 9663 8107
Online: The Butterfly Club ticketing site
Length: around an hour.
Suitable: Ages 13+


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