About Time Titties

Log Line

Three women. The most powerful technology on Earth. And a mission: to party down across time and space. Can they pull dates in the 17th century before Dr Ho and the Time Todgers spoil their fun?

Story Pitch

Three women living together in a London flat have access to the most powerful technology on Earth: Time Titties. Wearing these devices over their breasts and spinning them causes a time portal to open up whisking them away to ancient Egypt for a bit of shopping, the Renaissance to ogle cute guys, or even the future to disco down to the best dance tunes ever.

However, as members of Time Titties (an honour received through purchase on eBay), they must fend off the evil machinations of the Time Todgers. These men travel through time and space at the behest of Dr Ho to capture all of eternity for his evil purposes. Can the women of Time Titties foil Dr Ho's plans and still get home in time for the next episode of Strictly Come Dancing?

Time Titties is a teen to twenties comedy meant to be played a little later in the evening due to language and mildly saucy content. The story-line has been specifically constructed in order to make this an Australian/British/North American co-production with sales in all those markets. Currently we have an Australian-American writing team to ensure the jokes and story concepts have a broad English speaking appeal, as well as Australian, British, and North American lead actors.