Xander and Liam

The Story

What would Harry Potter be like if it were set in Australia? WizAz is about a couple of young wizards, Liam and Xander, who have graduated from Wombat Flats Magical Academy. They form indie band WizAz, and are touring pubs in hopes of breaking into the music industry. Tonight might just be their night! A producer is rumoured to be turning up at Club Voltaire. Expect music, magic, a few dance steps, and...Godzilla!

The People

Katherine Phelps: Writer/Director
Katherine was the writer director for the Glass Wings production Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor. Her website In Search of LOLitanium is an internationally respected site about comedy for comedians. For seven years she lectured at both the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Victoria University on storytelling for computer game design for which she has a doctorate. She has also written for Nickelodeon Cartoons. Her scripts have won awards.

Morgan Phillips: Liam Willoughby and Music Director
Morgan is an award-winning cabaret performer and was once a singing waiter for Captain Cook Cruises. He is a professional vocal and singing coach. You can contact him after the show, if you want to break into musical theatre.

Rod Fletcher: Xander Alsatian-Smythe
Rod is an exceptional impressionist. He is well loved for his costume work for charity. During the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal he collected funds as Indiana Jones.

Sarah Cooper: Ella Eskarina Jones
Sarah played Hermione Grainger in the Glass Wings production Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor. She has also performed as Princess Pintina in both the 2013 and 2014 Goblin Balls produced by Dark Realm Events. Sarah is a long time member of Melbourne Muggles, the local Harry Potter fan group.

Jasy Holt: Mr Bones
Jasy is studying at Screen Actors Australia. She is an announcer on internet radio station Hitz 24/7, where she has her own hip hop show called Hustle N Flow at 9pm-midnight on Sundays. She runs "did you know" segments, album/song reviews, hip hop news, interviews, and competitions.

Melinda King: Hilda Ströhe
Melinda played arch-villian Tard The Grumpy Cat in the Glass Wings production Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor. She is well known to Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival audiences for her character Ivanna the 6ft Fairy. She is a yoga instructor, cabaret performer, MC, musician, and a professional clown. She also makes a mean lasagne.

Rebecca Douglas: Godzilla
Rebecca played Techie McKeck in the Glass Wings production Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor. She is also a 2013 Raw Comedy Finalist.

Jackson Hall: Andy Fanboi
Jackson played Harry Potter in the Glass Wings production Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor. He performs as a professional clown. He's been frontman for the band Penguin Panic. Jackson played the role of Tock in the Melbourne Fringe production 6ft Fairy's Birthday Surprise. He's been a pirate, a cowboy, and a Brony since before it was trendy

Tamiah Bantum: Thomasina
Tamiah studied acting at State University of New York and has a Bachelors of Arts in Performance Studies from Curtin University of Technology. She has done quite a bit of acting for television advertising. You might have seen her in an HBF ad. She also played the lead role in Home Open: An Evening of Autumn earlier this year in Perth before moving to Melbourne.

Kian Jin Tan: Green Thing One and Choreographer
Kian Jin is an award-winning dancer. He is particulary skilled in Latin and recently won a first for his ballroom dancing.

Thuan Nguyen: Green Thing Two
Member of The Melbourne Muggles, a Harry Potter fan club.

Special thanks to:

Rhianna Bezzina: Crew

Andrew Pam: Technical advisor

Ian Stubber: Photographer (studio)

George Darsas: Photographer (stage)


17 September—05 October



Club Voltaire
14 Raglan Street
North Melbourne


Ages 13+


Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014 Phone: 03 9660 9666

Glass Wings Productions   Club Voltaire


Copyright © 2014 Katherine Phelps