*ocean swirl*

Story Introduction

Dear Reader,

I set before you an interactive play of light, imaginary events told using the flashing of a million points of colour, a digital dance which will be resolved into the stories of Odysseus and her family.

"Her family?" you may ask. This is not the Odyssey of ancient Greece and that mythic poet, Homer, but rather a twenty-first century Odyssey, using only the form of that classic upon which to spring into new thoughts, new worlds of imagination, and new forms of exploration. Odysseus in this story is a woman. She is married to a loving husband, Penelopos, and they have a courageous young daughter, Telemakhe.

You may begin your journey through their stories by joining Odysseus as she passes through many fantastical adventures, testing her love and resolve to make it home to her family. You may also choose to begin by following the story of Telemakhe, as she goes on that most mysterious of journeys: the search for her mother and ultimately herself. Alternatively, you can begin by reading The Odyssey, in order to better understand the origins for these characters' stories.

Yes, some technicalities are involved with experiencing this story, but hopefully with some familiarity, they will disappear into the background and only serve as tools to further your enjoyment.

And now, let this shining screen dissolve and reform itself into the story of your choice. I wish you nothing but joy, excitement and pleasure as you immerse yourself in Odysseus, She.

Warm regards,

Katherine Phelps

Odysseus' Search for Home

Telemakhe in Search of a Parent.

The Odyssey by Homer

Copyright © 1999 Katherine Phelps