Amphinomos Amplifies the Problem

Amphinomos was sitting away from the suitors' table. He had a hard time coping with the other suitors' manners. Speaking rudely to your hosts and taking the best they have rather than letting it be offered were not appropriate behaviours as he had been taught by his parents. And he knew for a fact that threatening the young woman you wish to marry was just not done. His mother would have fits if she heard what went on at the Ithakan castle.

He had hoped Telemakhe would choose him herself, but how do you get noticed amongst a bunch of loud mouthed clods? He wasn't sure that he excelled many of the other suitors in strength for this contest, but he wasn't going to let the meatheads take over the game.

"I will attempt to string and shoot that bow for the honour of Telemakhe's hand," Amphinomos offered himself.

Eumaios brought him the gear. He stood upon the door sill with bow stave in hand and bent it with all his might. Pulling the string with the other hand he inched string and bow nock together. A handspan from his mark Amphinomos' arms began quaking from the effort. He refused to give up, but soon the distance to accomplishing his task widened as his muscles gave. He carefully let go.

"I can't bend it," Amphinomos acknowledged, "Sure I would have liked a chance to be king, but I alway thought Telemakhe was a real corker. I guess I must accept that there are other women in Akhaia who might more easily accept my offers."

Amphinomos left the bow against the door.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps