Eurymakhos, You Make Us Swoon

Eurymakhos shook his head. "There's only one way we're going to get that bow in a condition to perform Odysseus' feat." He called for Eumaios to fetch some lard while he started a fire. Eurymakhos then proceeded to warm the bow stave over the flames while greasing it with lard. Over and over again he turned the stave so that soon it would be properly limbered for his task.

When he felt the bow was ready he staked it in the ground and began the stringing. The bow certainly bellied out well for him, but as he was about bring the string loop over the bow nock, the nock was cunningly designed and required more dexterity than Eurymakhos could muster, he did not catch it correctly and the string snapped hard on his foot to everyone's amusement.

"What is this!" cried out Eurymakhos holding the stinging foot in one hand and precariously balancing on the other foot, "Not only am I losing that most delicious of brides, but I am being shown up by her absent mother, as I seem unable to measure up to her feat. Olympos forbid these events are later repeated around town."

"I agree," replied Antinoos, "I don't think you can stand up to Odysseus' feats. She left with two and you seem to be leaving with only one."

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps