* Modify character

This is often superficial, the audience is usually given the ability to change the clothing and maybe the hair colour of their character. Yet by customising the character to be more expressive of some qualities the audience wishes to play within a digital world , they have a greater sense of attachment to this character. The Palace [Mea95], an online chat environment, gives the audience a smiley face and a set of props with which to decorate the face. In this way they develop a recognisable presence. By sending in money to register with The Palace they can also use images they have created themselves. Doom [Car93] makes it possible for the audience to change the images of the villains as well. More significant modifications sometimes made available are skills and physical abilities. This is common amongst the Dungeons & DragonsTM style roleplaying games whether on CD-ROM such as Heroes of Might and Magic [New96] or an adventure MUD on the Internet like DragonMUD [Cea89].