* Expand your knowledge or experience of a scene

This is the particular field of choice most often used by closed narratives and yet it is available to open narrative as well. Any title that involves a mystery where the audience has to search for clues, a treasure or scavenger hunt where they are searching for pieces to achieve the prize, or an educational work will give the audience the ability to observe and learn about various people and objects in a scene. Under a Killing Moon [Acc94] requires fairly close investigation of each environment entered including looking under desks, inside a grating, beneath a door mat, etc. so as to solve who committed a theft at the local pawn shop, recover an artifact and stop a plot to commit genocide. EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus [Sie91] not only expects the audience to find clues and solve puzzles which helps them learn about the importance of the ocean environment, but some items when clicked upon will provide text about how anyone can help in keeping the planet clean.