Landmarks in Exemplary Use of the Medium

  • 1985 Carmen Sandiego (adventure game)

  • 1991 Victory Garden (hyperfiction)

  • 1993 Oregon Trail (adventure game)

  • 1994 Under a Killing Moon (adventure game)

  • 1996 The Neverhood (adventure game)

Since I have focussed on the developmental steps of computer-mediated storytelling, a few works are missing which were significant in making exemplary use of the medium. These would include Carmen Sandiego [Bro85], probably the most popular computer-mediated mystery series; Victory Garden [Mou91] by Stuart Moulthrop, a well respected example of the Eastgate aesthetic; Oregon Trail [Stu95] by Wayne Studer, an educational story of pioneer life which makes effective use of the medium; Under a Killing Moon [Acc94] which brought even more cinematic storytelling to the computer medium; The Neverhood [Ten96] by Douglas TenNapel, a believable alien world with a consistent internal story, and of course any number of other computer-mediated stories.