Bifollowable and Bivisible Links

When I am creating a system of documents either for a story or a paper, I must repeatedly insert links back to previous pages or at least to a home page. This bit of busywork is necessary when links are only visible from the linking page. If someone lands in the middle of my document system from someone else's link and wants to read more, then I have to design my pages so that they can always get to a link which will make the whole system accesible. This leads to the tantalising thought of just what pages are linked to my document? If I move my pages to a new URL, how can I contact people so that they can update their links? Why should they have to update their links? Also, when I am doing research, knowing who else has put a link into a page I find of use could also lead me to other pages of significance. These ideas have been around for a very long time beginning with Ted Nelson. Hyperwave automatically creates bifollowable and bivisible links. Webcosm, a British software product, could add such a facility very easily to their multi-link system.