Peggy Hammond


A House Built of Straw

Peggy and Peter had been an item since secondary school.

Peter Howling was the Victorian running champion, a tall muscular lad with straw hair and a sexy smirk. All of the girls at the ladies college up the street from his school swooned at the sight of him.

Peggy Hammond held an equally enviable position. Her ambitious mother had listed Peggy with modelling and acting agencies. So, upon occasion she could be seen in a magazine or television advertisement. This and subsequently having great skill with personal make-up and hairdressing, she became every boy's favourite nocturnal fantasy.

It must have felt destined for the two of them. Who else would they go out with? Peggy used to chatter with her friends about what beautiful babies they would make. They would turn up together at all of the dances, parties and outings. They would also share dinners and celebrations at each of their families' households. Being sociable creatures they were very rarely alone.

When it came time to head off for university, Peter's parents swore they would cut Peter off from their financial support if he married Peggy before he had finished his degree. This broke her heart, but he practically ended up living with Peggy anyway, since he would regularly rock up at her flat for a meal followed by television and sometimes study.

Finally, their three year wait was up, and they were married in Fitzroy Gardens.

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The Three Peggies
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