The Three Peggies


Tell Us The News

"So how are you and Donald getting along?" asked Peggy.

Margaret stared a moment at the cream filled eclair on her plate placed next to the carrot curls. "Donald may become the senior partner in his firm before the end of the year. Of course we are thinking about getting him a judgeship, but I'm not certain if that's really the direction we want to go."

"You don't think he would enjoy the work?" asked Peg.

"It's not that, I think he would like the permanence of being a judge, but there is so much more he could be doing in international corporate law," said Maragaret.

"I wish I could have gotten Peter interested in anything," said Peggy, "He managed the physio degree, but once he stopped running, nothing really connected with him." Peggy looked wistfully back at her magazine. She touched the images of the various blonde Adonis' scattered throughout.

"It's not always easy is it?" said Peg. She reached out and touched her friend's shoulder.

Peggy Howling
Margaret Lupine
Peg Moonbeam

The Three Peggies
Copyright © 1999 Katherine Phelps
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