Peg Moonbeam


Puff and The Magic of Devotion

At first Peg and Will's relationship was to all appearances quite a happy one. They regularly smiled at each other; kissed and held one another. They eagerly chatted with one another about life as they were experiencing it, but certain areas of discussion were avoided.

Both were terrified of the sort of committment they had made to each other. Talking about work, books, and roleplaying gaming was no problem, but when it came to that vulnerable topic of how they were feeling, they would find ways to change the topic or leave the room. It was all Will could do to own up that he loved Peg and wanted to marry her, but he felt strongly enough that he found the courage to propose.

With his computer science degree in hand, Will found a job immediately upon completing university. Peg's English degree did not serve her as well. For nearly a year she searched for an appropriate career and in the meantime worked as a receptionist for a veterinary clinic. Finally, she landed a job with a multi-national telecommunications corporation to assist in the composition and editing of company reports. At first she only worked in the local office, but here too management discovered that she was a gentle and effective editor and she became a valued commodity.

By Peg's second year in this position the corporation began sending her to their various offices around the world. This of course took her away from home at least a few days if not whole weeks out of each month. Will was not happy with this arrangement.

At first he would ignore her or give her funny looks when she was about to leave. Peg would ask, "What?" only to hear her question echoed back. This was followed by half-hearted kisses. Eventually, he started not cleaning up after himself while she was away, and would leave it to her to do all of the cleaning. She felt angry enough to start telling Will she was unhappy, but couldn't get him to admit to any unhappiness of his own.

One day Peg was sent to the Hong Kong office. The district manager Herbert Lascowiek picked her up at the airport and escorted her to all of her appointments during her stay. They both loved authors Charles Dickens and Samuel Delaney. They both enjoyed silly puns. Peg found, as well, that they seemed to easily share their feelings.

The evening before she left Herbert took Peg out for dinner. He told her that if she were free, he would like to be the first person she would consider for a date. Peg felt excited at the proposal, but deep in her heart she still loved Will and didn't want to give up on their relationship just yet.

When Peg returned home, she was greeted with silence and a filthy home. She repacked her bags and left again for a hotel. Two days later Will asked if Peg would please come home and see him.

The house was spotless. Will had even purchased several bouquets of pink and white roses to decorate the place. "Please come back," he cried, "I love you and miss you." After a few more days she did, when Will agreed to go to counselling with her.

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