Peg Sweeney


A House Built of Brick

Peg Sweeney could almost be described as shy. She didn't exactly hide herself, but she rarely put herself forward amongst a group of people either. . .with one exception. She enjoyed roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Champions.

In secondary school usually the gamers were considered the geeks and dags, people the rest of the class teased or ignored. However, since no one expected Peg to be associated with that group, and everyone knew she was basically nice, she escaped the labels. At university her behaviour would be considered even less aberrant, if anyone outside of the gaming group knew or cared. She loved setting her imagination free and, as an English major, loved playing around with the stories she read.

Peggy and Margaret adopted Peg when they discovered that she was a gentle and effective essay editor, and could help them get better grades on their papers. They were constantly trying to fix her up with dates, not realising that really she had an easy time getting along with men of a certain type, just not the traditionally rich and handsome sort.

One day she connected with Will Moonbeam at her university gaming group. He was working on a computer science degree and loved to read and game. Since the guys in the group tended to be nervous of dating, they often found ways to avoid it. Will wasn't so different, but he and Peg liked spending time together as friends sharing books, chatting about strategy and getting each other to laugh. No one, including themselves, suspected any more was going on between them.

Then one winter evening in their final year at uni, Will made sure to walk Peg safely home. She invited him in for a hot chocolate to warm him up before heading back to his own flat of mates, and somehow he didn't make it back out again until the following morning. At 8am Peggy and Margaret could sleepily hear them giggling in Peg's bedroom. They were too tired on a Sunday to put one and one together.

After graduation Peg and Will lived together for a year before finally tying the knot.

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