Margaret Trotter


A House Built of Twigs

When it came to men, Margaret Trotter bided her time. She lived with her mother who was divorced from a parliamentarian. Her understanding of life from this perspective was that money was a surer foundation than love for a relationship. Of course she still had longings for love from that departed parent. She did not know that love was not necessarily on her mother and father's minds when they married.

At secondary school Margaret knew that she could not make a clear determination of suitability for any of the boys at this stage. Subsequent class reunions proved this theory correct, as those who looked like they were going to be actors or rock stars ended up as janitors, and some that seemed headed toward millions ended up bankrupt.

Not until she had spent some time in university did she begin checking out the possibilities. Men in the arts were right out. They could eventually strike it rich, but the likelihood was too iffy. Men in business were in a similarly iffy position, except if they were in accounting. Men in the sciences, provided it was medical sciences, held some potential. Best of all were the men in law. However, she was going to have to take some law herself, so as to meet them and be prepared for any pre-nuptial agreements.

Finally, Margaret made a lucky find. Donald Lupine came from a wealthy, well connected family and wasn't terribly bright. She helped him through all of his law exams and saw to it that he studied, even when he would rather be out drinking with his mates. She ingratiated herself with his family and when he finally graduated a year late, they insisted he marry her.

She soon built their lives into the model uppercrust home.

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