Is It Clews or Clues?

When it became clear to the intruders that they weren't getting in, they packed up and left. The rest of the night Chief Moonbeam did his best to get at least some fitful sleep. He was so glad he had brought Doompah to comfort him.

In the morning the wolf felt a bit better after fixing himself a large helping of fluffy yellow omlette and a pot of Red Zinger tea. He then steeled himself to emerge from Zoe's abode to check the damage outdoors. The garden was irretrievably destroyed. Not only were plants knocked over, they were torn up by their roots and then broken and and battered. It looked almost as if a typhoon like the ones scientists describe happening on Mars had hit the place. The brick walls, however, had become remarkably smooth.

Upon investigation Chief Moonbeam found three particularly indicative items. One was a set of drag marks that led to the wheel prints of a large truck of some sort. Another clue was a set of footprints, some which lead to the truck and some which headed off into the forest. The footprints were tiny, much smaller than the wolf would have suspected, but fear does funny things to your perception. They also had a thin line running through each set. Finally, the wolf found a matchbook (people are always finding matchbooks in mysteries). On its cover was the image of a large smiling moon and the name, The Blue Cheese Pub.

The wolf now had something to go upon. He was going to see to it that he found the culprits and brought them to justice. He then dreamt of setting up his own detective agency and wondered how much trench coats cost.

Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps