Caramello Koala, Kane, Skippy

  1. Caramello Koala

    Cadbury's puts out a koala shaped chocolate filled with (surprise!) caramel and packages it in a brightly coloured wrapper with the cartoon character of Caramello Koala on it. I seriously thought about including Blinky Bill instead of Mr. Caramello, since Mr. Bill is a koala character from an old classic series of children's stories here. Nevertheless, I think people see and hear from Caramello Koala more frequently these days.

  2. Kane

    Kane has most frequently been seen in a series of car commercials. However, his well-trained dogginess has made other TV appearances as well. In particular he is the co-host of a show reviewing the world's best commercials. His pedigree is that standard Australian sheep dog breed known as the blue heeler.

  3. Skippy

    Skippy is without a doubt true Australian animal royalty. He is the kangaroo equivalent of Lassie or Flipper. Somehow he was always able to communicate to his two children friends when danger was eminent or little Timmy was trapped down a well and in need of 50 cc's of insulin. The world according to TV is certainly a magical place. Whenever it is suggested that kangaroos be raised for meat rather than cattle, many people cry out, "But you wouldn't want to be eating Skippy would you?"