Happy Happy Ever After

"I am so proud," gushed Mama Wombat at her little darling's wedding. Raelene made a beautiful bride and it brought a happy tear to her mum's eye knowing that Raelene had snagged a member of a species that mated for life.

Robbo and Bruce stood around pulling at the collars of their rented tuxes wondering when they were getting to the reception and a few stubbies of Victoria Bitter.

Photographers from Woman's Day, Women's Weekly and New Idea floated around with guests such as Caramello Koala, Skippy and Kane in the Parliament House gardens. Bluey had won an episode of Red Faces which got him an advertising contract and subsequently a role on Blue Heelers. He, therefore, had the money for a proper wedding. This pleased Raelene no end.

From that day forward Bluey swore that he would never again be a big bad wolf or bother with eating piggies.

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Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps