Robbo Gets Himself a Ute

Robbo had never thought about leaving home before. In fact he really couldn't understand why Mama had gotten her panties in such a twist. But if she was turfing them out, he really couldn't argue with the five dollars. He gave his brother Bruce a punch in the shoulder and a slap on the back, kissed his sister Raelene goodbye, then wandered down the road toward a nearby pub where he knew his mates hung out.

"Bloody buggery, your own mum kicked you out?" his mates exclaimed while flicking the flies from their faces and spilling Fosters down their already stained Bondies, "That's harsh." Most of their mothers hadn't kicked them out until they were at least thirty and some of them were still living at home.

One friend told Robbo that old man Pedersen was selling his ute along with the gun and gun rack. "Ah beauty mate!" thought Robbo. So he traipsed on over to the Pedersen farm, bought the truck, got the old bodger to throw in a pillow so he could sleep in the vehicle and then got himself onto the dole.


Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps