I'm taking my sister's word on this one.

I gave her a call at about 10 pm her time to chat about where I was going to stay when I came to visit. She is getting married in November. She spent some time quizzing me about what Andrew is allergic to. Are dogs a problem? What about cats? The damp left by the firefighters when the kitchen caught fire should be fixed by the time we get there, so that shouldn't bother his breathing. Eventually, she was able to determine which would be the most hypo-allergenic room in her house.

While I had her on the phone I whipped out my list of words and phrases with which I thought non-Aussies would have difficulties. A few phrases without being familiar to her seemed obvious. "Bodger", a word I thought people would easily get, she seemed to think was obscure.

"You mean, you don't believe people will see that word and see a relationship to the equivalent 'old codger'?" I asked.

"Well after I know what it means, I might think that, but not right away," she said.

So I agreed to put an explanatory link on "bodger".