The Monaro was a car put out by the Holden company, the Australian car manufacturer now owned by the American General Motors. It has become a show car with clubs of its own. You can even rent Monaros for your wedding party.

Once upon a time it was a big deal to argue about which was better, a Holden Monaro or a Ford. This of course inspired a spate of jokes such as: "Would you have any tires for a Ford?" "Why sure, that sounds like a fair trade." The same joke could be told in reverse of the Monaro depending upon your loyalties.

Evidentally in the seventies some young people would cruise Lygon Street in their Monaros with the windows rolled down blasting Abba. I thought this was so funny that one day when Andrew and I happened to be driving on Lygon Street and we happened to have an old tape of Abba, I popped it into the tape player, turned up the volume and rolled down the windows...for a little while. We didn't want to be too obnoxious.