A Hole for One and One for A Hole

Yes, Raelene, the only female wombat of the trio, builds herself a nice traditional style wombat home. This does not mean that I believe that women are inherently traditionalists, that traditionalism is either a virtue or a vice, or all women in the outback are doomed to be Country Women Association members, but since I'm sending up The Three Little Piggies here she's got to live in something resembling, in spirit, a brick house. So, keep your shirt on.

Raelene had never imagined that she would leave home until her prince charming drove up in his Monaro and swept her away. It would be the perfect Woman's Day wedding with photographs taken on Parliament house steps, fruit cake, tulle, a choir singing "I Do, I Do, I Do", then a trip to the Great Keppel Islands for their honeymoon. Sure such a wedding would cost more than $20,000, but surely that's not much for a once in a lifetime ceremony? Well, all right, her friend Darlene had been married twice by the time she was nineteen, and yeah her friend Noelene three times by the time she was twenty-one. But every girl deserves to feel like a queen at least once, don't you think?

Five dollars didn't leave Raelene much to go on, nevertheless she was a resourceful young wombat. First, she dug herself a nice, large, cozy hole with room enough for callers. She then bought herself a copy of Abba's Greatest Hits and a subscription to Bride Magazine. Raelene spent hours listening to the album while pouring over articles such as "Australia's Most Eligible Bachelors" and "How to Tell If He's a Good Root." She also snagged a job at the local milk bar. It was going to be a long haul saving up enough money for a proper marriage ceremony, but she was going to need every second of it to plan the details in full.


Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps