Happy Happy Ever After

"All right then, so tell us, sis, how did you know that the wolf wasn't coming to eat us?" asked Bowie.

Joey, Bowie, and Chief Moonbeam all sat around the kitchen table as Zoe served them chamomile tea. Chief Moonbeam was dressed in Zoe's housecoat and still damp from showering off all of the blood and soot from his fur. Over the fireplace his shirt was drying. In the air hung the scent of roasting lemming and vegetables.

"Well he obviously already had dinner in hand. Chasing healthy young pigs for a meal would be more trouble than it was worth. In fact chasing them to apologise was probably more trouble than it was worth," said Zoe smiling at Chief Moonbeam.

"I am awfully sorry," said the wolf, "I'll see if I can get my insurance to cover damages to your homes and contents."

That night Chief Moonbeam and the three pigs became fast friends, dancing and singing together into the wee hours of the morning. Ever afterwards their families got together upon occasion for barbeques and holiday cheer.

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Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps