The Wolf Makes Like Santa Claus

"Now this is just silly," thought the wolf. And he was right. "Maybe if I climbed up onto the roof, I could yell down the chimney." So Chief Moonbeam scrambled up the drain pipe onto the roof.

Zoe, Joey and Bowie did hear the wolf when he clattered onto the terracotta roof tiles. "Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Zoe, "He's climbed up onto my roof. What do we do?" They all looked at one another in wide-eyed terror, Joey and Bowie dramatically shrugging their shoulders. Zoe glanced wildly around for something that could stop the wolf from entering her house and eating the lot of them.

The pot of water in the fireplace! She could start a fire and when the wolf came down, he would be boiled alive. Zoe darted to the fireplace and grabbed the matches and some kindling. "Uhm, excuse me," called the wolf down the chimney, "I think there has been a terrible misunderstanding."

At which point Zoe's commonsense finally kicked in. She called back, "Come on down, I'll let you in the front door."

"Are you crazy?!" said Joey.


Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps