Zoe Is a Real Brick

Yes, Zoe, the only female piggy of the trio, is the pig who builds her house of bricks. This does not mean that I believe that women are inherently smarter or better than men, but I'm a female and, hey, I'm telling this story. So, stick with me here.

Zoe had always looked forward to the day she would strike out on her own. In fact she was on the verge of telling her mother that she wanted to move out when Mama Pig beat her to the punch. Of course she would miss the family closeness, but she wanted a greater opportunity to see what she could do with her life.

Right away Zoe called up her friend Goldie Locks since Goldie's friends, the Bears, knew something about mud-brick house building. "I think this is such a positive thing I am doing," she told Goldie, "I can't wait to get started. Oh, and could you call up Red Riding for me? She could help with the decor. I'm thinking Arizonan blankets on the wall would look good."

Zoe was concerned about the environment without getting self-righteous or depressed over the whole issue, therefore she carefully selected the building site so that it was bathed in lots of natural sun heating. She was frugal with her choice of furnishings and had money left over to get herself an Internet account and enrol herself in Virtual University. Life seemed to be opening up for Zoe.


Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps