Bowie Invests in Wood

Bowie left home with mixed feelings. Of course he would miss his mother, brother and sister. And he was losing his rent free accomodation. However, after he called the accountant on his mobile phone he learned that, since he was under thirty, the government would help subsidise his building his first home, and he could claim it as a deduction on this year's taxes. Then after another year he could move into some city accomodations and turn over a profit by renting the house to a professional couple.

Obviously, Bowie wanted to build something cheap and fast, but good enough quality to still be of interest to high paying renters in a year. His stockbroker told him that pine was showing signs of becoming a fashionable material for new buildings. So, Bowie invested his pennies in pine shares and built himself a house of wood.


Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps